Ipatinga Soccer Club

One of the biggest and most historic soccer teams in Brazil and the biggest soccer team in the interior of the entire country
🏆 Brazilian Vice Champion B
🏆 Vice Champion of the Brazil Cup
🏆 Champion of Minas Gerais Championship
Ipatinga Futebol Clube (Ipatinga Soccer Team) is a Brazilian professional football club, founded in 1998 (24 years old). The club was one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and went into decline due to mismanagement, corruption and lack of abundant resources.
On April 21, 2022, 4 business days before the start of the Minas Gerais championship, Ipatinga held a press conference to declare bankruptcy and end its activities. One day after this episode, on April 22, 2022, the club entered into an agreement with USD Sports Markets, Co., temporarily transferring its administration and economic rights.
Using the MVP from USD Sports Markets, Co. Ipatinga raised enough resources to support its daily activities, participate in the championship and make improvements. In less than 2 months Ipatinga F.C. became leader of the championship, moving up the stage and seeking to qualify for access to Series A, Cup of Brazil and Brasileirão.
On June 28th, the Board of Directors of Ipatinga F.C. approved the transformation of the club into SAF (sociedad anonymous of soccer), a new legal modality created in Brazil, along the lines of the Portuguese SAD, to privatize football organizations. On this same day 100% of Ipatinga Futebol Clube S.A.F. was sold to USD Sports Markets, Co. in an agreement worth R$80 million brazillian reais.
Now with due ownership of all rights of Ipatinga F.C. USD Sports Markets, Co. is accelerating steps to create shared management, through fan tokens, giving fans and investors greater power of participation in decision-making.
After 6 months of testing fan tokens, USD Sports Markets, Co. will transform Ipatinga F.C. into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), transforming its token holders into partners in the sports organization and enjoying all the results including of its revenue stream.
Commemorative NFTs, athlete NFTs and club historical moments, surprise boxes and broadcast rights will also be explored which will be transferred to USD Sports Live.
Investors will have other earning opportunities such as participating in rounds of Digital Debs (Crowdfunding Tokens) launched by the organization to raise funds from the market.
Part of USD Sports Markets profits generated by Ipatinga F.C. will be intended to provide liquids for the $USDSP.
In less than 3 months USD Sports Markets, Co. validated its investment concept and part of its solutions.