BRAVE National League

The fastest growing MMA promotion in the world is now a national league
BRAVE Combat Federation is the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the Middle East and the fastest growing global MMA promotion in the world. The organization was created on 23 September 2016 by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain. BRAVE Combat Federation features mixed martial artists from over 40 nations located on five continents. BRAVE Combat Federation events are broadcast through various media partners including El Rey Network, Combate, Myx TV, S+A ESPN 5 and Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation. BRAVE Combat Federation produced six pay-per-view events, in addition to announcing events in Abu Dhabi and Brazil.
The organization was formally launched in 2016 and has established operations in Dublin, São Paulo and Mumbai ahead of launch events and for talent relationships. BRAVE Combat Federation, alongside the holding company, KHK MMA and Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation, hosted the IMMAF World Championships in November 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.
In late 2021 the BRAVE Combat Federation announces the creation of the Brave National League (BNL). The Brave National League will create a global MMA economy, a league that brings MMA closer to the model adopted by FIFA. The BNL format will allow the private and public sectors to own teams and provide league-level investment opportunities. This format will extinguish any possibility of monopolizing the sport.
“The BRAVE NATIONAL LEAGUE put together experts from every area of sports, from policy makers to sports media property founders and the biggest sports investors behind the organization.’’, said Mr. Mohammed Shahid, BRAVE CF President. “A sport can’t be controlled by only one person, company or even a nation. No matter the wealth. If that is happening or if that is even a possibility, then the sport is not reaching its highest potential.”
The business model will be one of the biggest opportunities for sports investment. This will create a new economic movement in countries that introduce BNL. It will be regulated by a national commission which will be governed by an international regulatory authority. A complete global ecosystem for MMA.
USD Sports Markets, Co. as the owner and administrator of Brave National League Brazil, she will use the entire USD Sports ecosystem to increase engagement with the organization and athletes and mainly increase the financial return for fans and investors.


All sponsorships for the Brave National League will be paid in $USDSP, thus providing liquidity to the market. All player trades between league teams can only be carried out if traded in $USDSP, thus facilitating the international trade of athletes.


All athletes by signing a contract with the Brave National League, will also be accepting the creation of their Fan Token and NFTs. With these tools we will encourage greater participation of fans and investors in the athlete's daily life, in simple choices such as: What color is your clothes, what is your entrance song, what is your haircut, even more complex choices such as changing team.


All athletes will be able to launch Digital Debs (Crowdfunding Tokens) ceding shares in their image rights or even in their profits from participation and victory in fights and championships.


All matches and championships will be broadcast on USD Sports Live, our watch to earn platform, and on television. Everyone will have the opportunity to earn broadcast tokens, convertible to $USDSP, while watching the lives, thus increasing the user and fan base and the value of each athlete's fan tokens will be transmitted in real time on the screen, like a "bloomberg".
Part of USD Sports Markets profits generated by Brave National League will be intended to provide liquids for the $USDSP.