Influence of sports on the economy


According to Sports Value analysis, the global sports market is move $756 billion a year, which makes it extremely important and expressive in the economy of several countries, causing an increasing impact on economic indicators. Just to give you an idea, US$50 billion is generated from the “matchday” alone – the revenue generated from the box office, naming rigths, concerts, events, cabins, restaurants, supporters, arenas and sports complexes on the day of the game.
Analyzing the size of the sports market and especially taken into account as modalities displayed (largest multisport event in the world), talking about 62 modalities that are being presented from 47 different sports. In the case of some sports, football and MMA can be divided specifically, championships with their own rules as different consumption characteristics. Every day there are different sports modalities with strong entertainment power and great capacity for financial collection.


Although sports centers, athletes are determined by a few years, such as the financial structure of football and competition of the years, for example, due to the organizational structure of the sports scene and the determination of years, for example, due to many times the structure organization of the sports scene. crisis of professional management of these means of transport go through financial with the institution's cash in very low liquidity.
Another detail is the aspect of the sports balance, the financial concentration in these supersports competitions and the high volume of investment dedicated compared to Olympic sports and other modalities that lack investment and that have the same potential for generating wealth.
Every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every small investor should be able to support an athlete they believe in. Unfortunately, professional sport today has a huge barrier to entry, both for athletes and for small investors, especially promising athletes at the beginning of their professional careers face many problems related to funding their training and participating in events around the world. In addition, many sports clubs and other sports organizations are dealing with serious financial and liquidity problems.
Fans are often harmed too, as they are at the base of this economic projection and can never share in the same benefits. Their participation as simple audience members, fans and consumers never offers any chance of becoming an investor in promising athletes and organizations.


Today, we know that for organizations that need to capitalize, access to money is done in a very difficult way. For a company to open an IPO, getting to the Stock Exchange is a long journey, it's not easy, but it doesn't mean that companies that didn't get there aren't good, profitable or interesting for investors. However, the way the market currently works, the investor only has access to companies that are listed on the stock exchange.
The process of tokenization through the blockchain, where you take a part of the organization, tokenize it and offer it to the market, without intermediaries, using the blockchain to control these investments, is very efficient and effective. Tokenization brings to the market investment opportunities that do not exist, do not reach investors or companies that want to capitalize.
Today, there is no complete platform to trade investments in athletes and sports organizations that are listed on the world Stock Exchanges (NYSE, LSE, B³, etc) are rare, thanks to the bureaucracy of these exchanges that end up not having an ideal program for this type of market or that still do not accept certain institutional models, such as sports associations, for example. Quickly verifying the investment capacity involved in these exchanges, the NYSE - New York Stock Exchange alone, has a Market Cap of US$25.6 trillion dollars and a tiny part of that represents sports organizations, less than 0.1%.
Believing in the potential of the union of markets, starting with cryptocurrencies and traditional sports, but not forgetting the sports betting market, electronic games and the capital market as a whole, USD Sports Markets is born.